About Marblehead Tent Event & Party Rental

Marblehead Tent provides party and event rental services and provide tents, tables and chairs, linens, lighting, sound systems and stages.


We are a small family-run business and when you book with us you get a professional, personalized service.


So if you need a tent rental, chair and table rental or a full wedding package, give us a call to start planning your next event.

FAQ and additional useful info

Is set up included in the rental charge?

All tent rentals include the installation labor charge when set up is on level ground/grass. Additional labor charges may be assessed for installations that require additional labor time such as equipment being transported over difficult terrain or long distances, or installation being on unusual or uneven surfaces. If you are unsure please give us a call and we will be happy to come and see your installation site to assess your options. A site consultation fee may apply depending on your distance from us, but you will be informed of any additional charges before you purchase your rental.

Set up is not generally included in table and chair rentals. The equipment will be left stacked neatly and should be left in the same way for pick up

Is delivery included in the rental charge?

Not in most cases. The charge for delivery will depend on your distance from our location in Marblehead as well as the size of your order. If you are close to us and your order is large your delivery charge may be waived but this is assessed on a case by case basis. You will be informed of any delivery charge on the quote that we send to you.

Tent Permits

Most states, including Massachusetts, require that a permit is obtained from the building department in the town that the tent is to be installed, if the tent meets the need for a permit.

Generally, a tent requires a permit if the square footage of one tent, or aggregate square footage of multiple tents, (if they are spaced apart less than 12ft) is greater than 700sq ft. However this area is reduced to 600sq ft if sidewalls are to be installed on the tent.

In simple terms this means any tent up to a 20x30 (10x10, 10x20, 20x20, 20x30) does not require a permit. However, if you put sidewalls on your 20x30, you will need a permit.

How much does a tent permit cost? Can I pull the permit myself?

Every town or city has a different charge for issuing tent permits. Some require a face to face visit, some can be done online. The charge for your tent permit will vary depending on the charge for the particular town in question to issue the permit, the admin cost for us to produce the paperwork required, and the distance / time required to obtain the permit.

In almost every case the building inspector will require that the contractor (that's us) pull the permit. This is because they need copies of our liabilty insurance documents, workers comp insurance as well as flame retardancy certificates for the tent you are renting, along with other company specific information. This being the case, even if you were to pull the permit yourself, it would not reduce the cost very much, if at all, as we still have to do all the paperwork that is always required