Sound System and PA Rental for Marblehead, MA.

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Basic System

Sound System 2

Comprised of 2 Mackie Thump 15 inch 1000watt powered speakers on stands, this is a great sounding basic and easy to use sound system. Includes self powered speakers with 2 speaker stands, cables and a small mixer with a cable provided to attach a music device such as a phone or laptop etc. If you need a microphone and stand add $20

Rental Price: $180.00

Large System

Sound System 2

For larger events of up to and over 100 guests choose this system. Includes 4 x 15" 1000w powered Mackie Thump speakers on stands, 2 x 600w 18" powered subwoofers, a small mixer for your audio input such as iPhone or DJ system and a microphone on stand. Suitable for weddings and other celebrations where the dance floor is the focus.

If using for a band or other event where more audio inputs are required see our mixer options below.

Rental Price: $750.00

Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Mics

Battery Operated Sound System

Professional quality wireless lavalier mics. Perfect for company meetings or wedding ceremonies. (Receiver requires AC power)

Rental Price: $60.00 each system.

4 Channel Mixer

Sound System 2
Mackie 402-VLZ3. 2 Mic inputs, 2 line inputs and a stereo tape in (RCA) and out makes this a very handy little mixer for a small event. Comes with cables you need.
Rental Price: $30.00

12 Channel Mixer

Sound System 2
Mackie Pro FX mixer. 6 Mic inputs. Built in EQ, Effects etc. Perfect for small musical group or other live event.

Rental Price: $65.00

16 Channel Digital Mixer

Sound System 2
Behringer X32 Compact digital mixer. 16 XLR inputs with MIDAS preamps, 8 programmable direct outputs, with 8 additional aux in/outs plus RCA tape in out. Perfect for a band or other live event with multiple sound sources. Available with operator.

Rental Price: $150.00 (operator extra if required. Call for details)

Shure SM58 Microphone

Sound System 2
Industry standard microphone for speaking or live vocal performances. Microphone comes with stand and XLR cable. .

Rental price: $20.00